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Ask any business owner today how important they consider business security to be and practically all will rate it highly. So why do so many take little or no action when it comes to business security systems?

The answer is simple – limited time and money. There will always be something more pressing to be addressed. This will only change when and if an incident occurs – theft, vandalism etc. And then there is that old phrase which gets bandied about far too often -”that's what I pay my business insurance for”.

Whilst understandable, any business owner or manager making use of this phrase is missing the point. It is rather like saying “my house contents are insured – I won't bother locking the door when I go out tonight”. Or “I pay my car insurance so I'm happy to take this corner too fast”. Insurance is there to minimise the blow – not to remove the need for security or protection altogether.



What would be the effects of a break-in at your premises? Obviously this depends upon the business you are in to a degree but could certainly involve the following:-

Direct Monetary Cost.

Your insurance will only cover certain amounts. So broken locks or windows may not even reach the minimum amount.

Time Wastage.

Any incident will need to be rectified and / or prevented in the future. This will definitely take up the time of either yourself or another manager and very possibly any personnel involved.

Increased Insurance Premiums.

Any claim will increase your insurance costs in forthcoming years. Too many claims and you may even find that finding an insurer willing to work with you can become difficult.

Poor Customer Service.

Whether you supply a product or a service you are likely to find problems occur. A damaged vehicle can prevent deliveries. Reduced opening hours for a shop or depot while repair work is undertaken will drastically affect your customers and your takings. And loss or theft of tools and equipment will prevent the completion of jobs and duties which may have been promised.

Lost Orders.

Leading on from the point above, many customers may cancel or go elsewhere. Will your insurance cover that?

There are also other factors which are difficult to measure. For instance – how would your staff be affected in the event of a physical assault from a customer? Would they stay with you? Would they require time off? Could they even take legal action against for not properly ensuring their safety?

The answer? The point being made here is taking preventative action can be costly in both time and resources. But so can not taking action as well. And the potential costs of not doing so will far outweigh the initial costs of looking at your security systems.

Are there any direct benefits as opposed to just preventative action? Well yes – it could well be worth speaking to your insurance broker. Armed with the details of security measures you have taken he may well be able to negotiate a better deal for the future. A CCTV camera system for example may pay back its initial installation costs in a matter of years due to reduced insurance premiums. Your broker may even have specific suggestions regarding how you can minimise these premium costs.

And indirect cost savings? How can you put a cost on customer service and staff protection? You can't – but you could discover that these business security solutions when implemented will pay you back time and time again....

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